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We're active.

It took us a while. But it gives me much joy to announce that we are back. Servers, Website and the Clan are all active. With this, I'd like to welcome Nero, our newest member to the family.

               "Others tell you keep on going,

                You try so hard though your steps are slowing.

                You can't see the future or get a head start,

                So getting back up is the hardest part."


Server downtime.

I apologize for the server downtime and the inactivity of the clan, I am working on creating a server and the server is going to be back online within a week, and the clan will be active soon.

Thanks for your patience, I appreciate it! :-)


Server back online.

The server is back online and this time on a Linux box. More uptime and less lags.
It was a hard time creating the server on the Linux operating system which I couldn't do alone, I would like to thank Cato, without his huge help the server wouldn't have been online.
Hope you all have Fun.

Website Layout changed.

I have changed the layout of our website as you must have spotted, as you can see now the recent forum posts will be on the Right side below members area.
Please feel free to browse our forums and post something useful, let your friends know about us. Share and spread about us as much as you can and help us grow larger :-) Thanks.

One More Night
Maroon 5 (Overexposed (Deluxe Edition))

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Welcome to our newest members, please respect other clan members and our ADMINS. Have Fun